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OUR SIGURD CUMMERBUND pays homage to the most legendary of RAGNAR’s sons. An elastic design that improves comfort and the minimum profile, which also incorporates a system of length adjustment by means of a Velcro strap to ensure the optimal adaptation to the contour of the operator and the support of the equipment, thus being able to increase the configuration capacity depending on the mission.

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What is so special about the

Meet the current needs of an operator in a direct action allowing maximum mobility, configuration and versatility, without sacrificing the original load capacity of the product.


The cummerbunds use three materials whose combination allows a greater adaptation to the operator's body while maintaining its usability.

  • MultiCam® Mesh: It is a mesh fabric that offers special properties in a wide range of operational scenarios, the most significant being the ability to instantly drain water in maritime operations. But the main functionality of this material developed for Crye Precision® company is to reduce weight as it is a lighter fabric and achieve greater heat evacuation in hot environments.
  • High performance stretch fabric: Allows adjustment of plate carrier or of chest rig to the body reducing the side profile to a minimum for greater operator maneuverability. This same elastic fabric allows the transport of ammunition (M4 type magazines) or pieces of equipment that will be perfectly secure regardless of their size or shape by adjusting to the elastic band.
  • 1000D nylon fabric: The pockets incorporate some handles made to facilitate the removal or incorporation of elements to the pocket with the kit on, stretching the handle outwards which allows a greater opening of the elastic and a more optimised used.


Minimalist cut and design to adapt as much as possible to the contour of the body in an ergonomic way in order to offer a greater range of lateral mobility.


The elastic system is mainly designed to be used as a magazine holder, but it allows it can be used to load other type of essential materials such as tourniquets, grenades or different hand tools.

General features:

  • MultiCam® mesh for immediate drainage during maritime operations. In addition, it reduces the weight of the equipment carrier.
  • One size, 58 cm long for each of the two pieces.
  • The 10cm height and the elasticity of its fabric allow greater mobility, reduce unnecessary bulk and fit almost any rifle magazine.
  • D-rings on the front end to make cummerbunds easier to put on, take off, or adjust with gear on.
  • Each piece of cummerbund has three elasticated pockets for cargo purposed, such as ammunition (mainly intended for M4-type magazines) or small items such as grenades, tourniquets, etc.
  • Reinforced seams.
  • 1000D nylon fabric straps for easy access to elastic pockets.
  • The Velcro closure allows it to adapt to a wide variety of equipment carriers on the market, as long as they have Velcro on the front and back.
  • The cummerbund is quickly installed and uninstalled on the gear rack and allows easy adjustment to the user's complexion.
  • Includes both cummerbunds.
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