We are from the sea, mountain explorers, we are warriors who cry out for their place in the sky. We did not come here not to be remembered, we came to claim our part of the land, we came for you. Our hand reaches out and it is up to you to follow Wotan.

A single banner flies deep within every raid.


Spirit cannot be forged, it is born within you and haunts you throughout your life. RAGNAR RAIDS was already with us, at least in spirit, when more than 30 years ago our long journey in the textile world began. But it was in1990 with the birth of the HART brand, a hunting and outdoor brand that today is present in the main European countries, when we consolidated and expanded our team and our horizons in new markets.

During all these years, our entrepreneurial spirit made us meet the requirements of highly specialized police and military units, which were looking for very specific developments to perform their activities. During all these years, we decided that there was no brand behind our products, since it was not intended for the general public and even our own customers preferred that our existence go unnoticed.

Then it all changed in 2019, RAGNAR RAIDS was born as a conclusion to a process that began over 30 years ago. Uniting the experience with our explorer spirit and fighting soul that have influenced every decision and every garment.

In 2021, RAGNAR RAIDS was introduced to the world, but this time we didn't come to explore, we came to stay.


North winds portend demons


Ragnar Lodbrok, the most distinguished warrior of the norsemen, half way between legend and history. A man whose exploits in his raids have been passed down from generation to generation all the way to this day. His persona and his unrivalled legend has inspired our ambition to offer you our commitment, in the shape of equipment and clothing that meets the highest specifications and quality.

May his legend accompany you throughout your life.


The concept of a special unit is very old and its commitment in each community was forged under a single symbol. A brand must convey the values in which it believes, we do not expect you to be the fastest, the strongest or become a Special Forces Operator by wearing our clothes. We hope that under our symbol you will acquire the commitment to face your fears, to fight every day for your family, for your friends and to be better than yesterday.

You must accept that commitment and you will soon recognize it in others who, like you, joined the Raid.

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