RÖK Uniform

RöK, which in Old Norse translates to stone or rock, is the name of the legendary runestone found in Sweden, erected by a father to honour the memory of his son who died in battle.

A name with heritage, memory, and the soul of a warrior, giving its name to our new generation of combat uniforms.


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RÖK Combat Shirt

  • Available in MultiCam®, pixelated desert, pixelated woodland, and black.

  • CORDURA® BRAND BASELAYER, a high-performance knit fabric specifically designed from a blend of nylon and cotton.

  • R.T.F. (Reinforced Technical Fabric) micro Rip-Stop, a more durable fabric that limits tears and wear.

  • High-strength mesh applied in areas where the skin has higher sweat zones and needs quick evacuation points to keep the body dry.
  • YKK® zipper with hidden teeth and anti-snag protector at the end of the teeth.

  • The garment's design cuts have been specifically conceived to be worn under ballistic protection vests.

  • Reinforcement in areas where the garment may suffer more abrasion, such as the shoulders from the vest or backpack, or the operator's forearms.

  • The configuration of different fabrics makes the garment versatile in all weather conditions.
  • NO MELT / NO DRIP: Fire retardant material. Reduces the severity of burns (the fabric does not stick to the skin)

  • Dries moisture quickly, 2.5 times faster than 100% cotton.

  • Exceptional abrasion resistance.

  • Great strength, preventing holes and tears.
  • Longer design in the back to always cover the lower back.

  • Wide sleeves with velcro closure.

  • Soft velour for greater comfort in case of sweating.

  • YKK zippered pocket on both sleeves with one-handed access.

RÖK Combat Pants

  • Available in MultiCam®, pixelated desert, pixelated woodland, and black.

  • Adjustable sizing with elastic straps on both sides of the waist.

  • Velcro closure on the pants.

  • Velvet-like material inside the waistband to improve comfort and reduce internal slipping of the combat shirt.

  • 60 mm belt loops for use with tactical belts.

  • R.T.F. (Reinforced Technical Fabric) micro Rip-Stop, a more durable fabric that limits tears and wear.
  • Double stitching in the crotch.

  • Breathable fabric that allows quick sweat drying and facilitates body heat evacuation.

  • Pocket design for quick access with equipment on.

  • Hidden YKK® zippers on each leg to enhance groin and leg ventilation (expands the area thanks to its mesh material)

  • Large capacity side pockets with accordion design.

  • Width adjustments on the leg at knee and ankle height.
  • Fabric with elastane that allows fabric extension in the lower back and knee areas to better adapt to movement.

  • Knee height adjustment system located on the side of the upper pocket, facilitating optimal positioning even when the operator is upright and equipped.

  • External knee protection in 500D Cordura® with the capacity to incorporate up to two internal kneepads of different materials according to operational needs.
  • Rök kneepads (not included) with LIMBER-IMPACT technology designed to generate maximum impact absorption in the joint area, with a very low profile of 2 cm thickness to not interfere with proper biomechanical movement of the knee.
  • Rök kneepads have memory properties, flexing easily and returning to their original shape. The kneepads are covered with a non-slip material.

  • Lower hook (covered when not in use) to place between the laces, to prevent pant movement.
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